Industry Perspective

Governments around the world face twin challenges.

AI is in rapid evolution, and will disrupt the workforce, the economy and society in ways they cannot always predict or control.

Governments also face growing societal pressures, across health care, a decline in revenue and increase in expenditure as the workforce ages, rising environmental challenges, resource constraints and the growing nationalization of sovereign technological capability.

AI is being seen as both a challenge and opportunity to address these problems head-on.

How Akin Can Help

With decades of experience in AI development, Akin is a leader in the responsible and practical design of AI for sovereign nations.

With deep sector expertise, Akin is directly involved in the development of policies and practical trials of implementing policy, with an aim of understanding and managing the challenges and opportunities around AI.

Akin also helps organisations undertake large-scale research on the impact and uses of AI in areas like health and general population wellbeing, and developing systems for outcomes optimisation.

Industry Focus Areas

AI for Public Benefit

Large scale research on the impact and uses of AI on general populations

Policy & Metric Development for AI

Developing policies and real-world metrics systems for the scalable development of AI

Population Wellbeing

Building AI systems focused on improving the wellbeing of a population of people

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