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Industry Perspective

In years to come, we will all have our own Personal AI.

These AI will be more evolved than they are today. They will take care of complex tasks end-to-end, and act on our behalf to take care of the outside world and make our lives better.

Person-centric AI will disrupt many enterprise-centric industries (retail, financial services, media etc.) as we turn to Personal AI to make decisions and handle transactions on our behalf. These will be more than an assistant: they will be a coach and a friend to help us with the complex demands of life. Amidst this shift the relationship between humanity and AI needs to change, to become one of trust, collaboration and co-evolution.

How Akin Can Help

Akin will be there in our daily lives in homes across the world. People wake up, go about the activities of the day, generate work output, prepare food, care for each other and find ways to be our best selves. Through all of this we try to make time to be free and enjoy life.

Akin supports daily living, whether that is planning your day, organizing resources, connecting with people, generating work products, or supporting your decisions and gathering information.

Whether a home has one person or 10, there is usually someone who holds it all together, who makes sure we have what we need to eat and love, laugh and play.

Akin is an empathic AI that understands your goals, helps you achieve them, while freeing up time to do more of the things you love.

Akin has designed and delivered consumer-ready AI applications that work towards reducing labor cost of running the home, and increasing wellbeing.


PAL Ambient AI

An Ambient AI that understands the goals and dynamics of a group of people, and supports management of daily living, health, meas, social connection and goal actualization.

Hey Pixi

A high-compliance AI frontline caregiver, to help people organize their lives, achieve their goals, and spend more time doing the things they love.

Domestic Robots

Advanced collaborative robots for complex task support alongside humans. These robots were originally developed for the space industry, and have been adapted for domestic use. Akin's robots are undergoing clinical trials, at an advanced technology readiness level, and designed to be low-cost but highly useful

Industry Focus Areas

Decision Assistance

Personalized AI to help shape and make decisions.

Emotional and Physical Assistance

Emotional and physical assistance for people who care for others (e.g. Parents, Caregivers)

High Needs Support

Support for people with additional support needs (e.g. Disability, Neurodiversity, Aging, Chronic Conditions)

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