GEAR is Akin’s frontier AI technology

GEAR is the basis of Akin’s AI - an AI that can understand you, your goals and actively help you achieve them

Core functions

GEAR is a noval form of AI, with deep empathy that’s able to manage complex systems and optimisze for wellbeng.

Problem Solving

Reasoning abilities that enable GEAR to understand and solve problems

Systems Management

The ability to understand how an environment or system comes together

Dynamic model

Building models of the world that enable highly soph -isticated scenario analysis

Social Connection

The ability to understand people’s emotions and adapt responses

How it works

Collect data

GEAR collects data on you and your world

GEAR breaks down its understanding of the world into three data points - time, location and a third special variable called ‘semantics’. These are captured through a number of different sensors - we call these embodiments.

Map your world

GEAR then maps your world

This box represents your world. This point represents GEAR’s best understanding of you at that point in time - the time, your location and everything else captured by the sensors. Multiply this by millions of other moments in your life and you’ll get a box that more closely represents this.

Understand goals

How GEAR works with this data

GEAR also takes note of your needs or goals that you’ve expressed. It could be something as simple as ‘I want to live a healthier life’. GEAR takes all these goals and maps out what your life would look like with these goals achieved.

Chart course

And helps chart a course to a more actualised life

Finally, with GEAR having a clear understanding of where you are presently and what your goals are, it can help chart a course to those goals.

A Flexible Ecosystem, Powered by GEAR

As a frontier model, GEAR is the platform at the core of Akin’s technology ecosystem.

Applications, Now and in the Future

GEAR is a highly flexible system that can be applied to a wide set of general cognitive problems.

Managing Lab and Space Environments
Driving Health Outcomes for Patients
Optimising Lives in the Care Ecosystem
Powering Alternate Computing
Managing Complex Systems
Personal AI for Life Augmentation

Applied to the world’s
toughest challenges, today

Akin has designed and built a flexible ecosystem of AI-powered solutions in-use by public and private organisations, today.

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