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Akin’s frontier

AI technology

GEAR (Goal Event Alignment and Resonance) is the basis of Akin’s AI - an AI that can understand you, your goals and actively help you achieve them.

Core functions


Understands you and your goals


Understand and manages complex systems


Solves problems in the context of your life, goals and world

Collect data
How it works

GEAR collects data on you and your world

GEAR breaks down its understanding of the world into three data points - time, location and a third special variable called ‘semantics’. These are captured through a number of different sensors - we call these embodiments. 

Map your world
How it works

GEAR then maps your world

This box represents your world. This point represents GEAR’s best understanding of you at that point in time - the time, your location and everything else captured by the sensors. Multiply this by millions of other moments in your life and you’ll get a box that more closely represents a random arrangement of points.

Understand goals
How it works

How GEAR works with this data

As more of these points accumulate over time, patterns start to emerge in our lives. One point might represent your free time. This point might represent your work. This one might represent exercise. This last one meals, or what you would typically eat.

Chart course
How it works

And helps chart a course to a more actualised life

GEAR also takes note of your needs or goals that you’ve expressed. It could be something as simple as ‘I want to live a healthier life’. Remember those points that GEAR identified previously? GEAR does a series of highly sophisticated analysis and identifies that these points can be adjusted to help you achieve that goal of a healthier life. GEAR then nudges how you behave around those points to chart a course to help you achieve that goal. All with the overarching mission of helping you life a more fulfilled and actualized life.

A Flexible Ecosystem, Powered by GEAR

As a frontier model, GEAR is the platform at the core of Akin’s technology ecosystem.

Customer Applications

Software and hardware applications of Akin’s AI across verticals.


Low-code platform to define goals, assemble AI, and track against objectives.

API Layer

API that allows rapid integration of Akin’s AI into any device or embodiment (e.g. conversational system, multimodal device or robot, reporting engine).

GEAR Model

Proprietary frontier model that provides core functionality to Akin’s AI.

Data & Models

Proprietary data, world models, and contextually aware simulations.

GEAR is a highly flexible system that can be applied to a wide set of general cognitive problems

Managing Lab and Space Environments
Driving Health Outcomes for Patients
Optimising Lives in the Care Ecosystem
Powering Alternate Computing
Managing Complex Systems
Personal AI for Life Augmentation

Applied to the world’s
toughest challenges, today

For Daily Living

Building AI that takes care of things to give you more time and freedom

For Healthcare

Managing wellbeing for healthier and happier lives with AI

For Government

AI designed to support policy decisions and outcomes

For Space

Supporting humanity’s exploration of space with AI

Frontier AI

Advancing AI and solving limitations of existing large language models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GEAR Artificial General Intelligence?

Yes, GEAR is a form of Artificial General Intelligence with emergent capabilities. We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we incorporated as a public benefit company.

How is this different to generative AI?

GEAR is a form of generative AI in that it can generate an output. GEAR has unique capabilities in that it also generates a dynamic model of the world, and simulates approaches to solve a given problem or reach a goal state. This means it has potential to deal with many tasks that challenge classic GenAI today.

Can GEAR generate text, images and audio?

Yes. However GEAR’s main focus is on generating human communication (text, audio, reports) .

GEAR also creates dynamic maps of event trajectories to augment human life, and reports on human wellbeing and goal optimization.

Can I use GEAR today?

Today GEAR is only available to health insurance and clinical trial partners, people with Government support packages, and for special projects (eg advanced robotics deployments).

When will GEAR be available?

In the next phase, 2024, we will make GEAR more broadly available to a wider range of partners. Broader public deployment will come after that.

Do you use ChatGPT or other foundation models?

Akin is a frontier AI developer. We have a proprietary frontier model and are not dependent on other systems.