We are Akin

Designing and building frontier AI models for a future where AI and humanity symbiotically co-exist
Our Core Values

Our Team

We’re a team of leading experts in AI, neuroscience, and chaos theory, building frontier models for a future where AI and humanity symbiotically co-exist.

AI Research and Development

Akin’s Research team is exploring the edges of AI technology and applying it to the world’s toughest challenges.


Akin’s Applications team are leading the creation of software and hardware powered by Akin’s AI.

Commercial & Partnerships

Akin’s Commercial & Partnerships team lead ongoing commercialisation and business development for Akin’s technology.

AI for good

We don’t just talk about Public Benefit AI, we do it. We have modeled out how humans could work in harmony with ecosystems in space, and applied this to actual measurement of AI for good. Our clinical trials on Wellbeing AI align with Government Policy. Building AI for good, we work with prestigious universities, clinical partners and an expert advisory board.

Our Story

It’s with this shared belief that Akin has launched AI systems for space missions, solved core issues in generative AI, all while continuing to build AI solutions.

We founded Akin under the shared belief that AI needs to evolve, and needs to be built to truly care about humanity’s wellbeing.

After founding companies with enterprise-grade AI systems, listing one and  having another acquired by IBM, I realized there was still work to be done.

“As a technologist who cares deeply about the future of humanity and our planet, I have always believed that AI needs to be built for the benefit of humanity.”

Liesl Yearsley, Founder & CEO

Our Story