Industry Perspective

Around the world there is a growing prevalence of chronic conditions and a dependency on healthcare systems to fulfil the need for care. Nearly one in four US households has a family member with a disability.

A global labor shortage for healthcare workers exacerbates the pressures on the healthcare system and reduces access to quality care for the people who need it most.

Akin believes AI-driven technology will play a significant role in shaping the future of healthcare globally.

How Akin Can Help

Akin has built and deployed AI-based solutions for the healthcare sector since 2018.

Akin has built and deployed enterprise-ready AI solutions for national and global healthcare organisations. These include AI-based frontline healthcare worker, AI-based applications, robots to support people with health care needs or disability, and advanced health analytics.



A platform with AI analytics, decision support AI and clinical trials tools for clinicians, researchers and health insurers. In use today by clinicians, researchers and health organizations.

Hey Pixi

An AI assistant that supports people with health or disability care needs.

A frontline healthcare worker, to support activities of daily living and health management. In-market today.

Assistive Robots

In clinical trials as domestic helpers for complex tasks. A low-cost, high-utility assistive robot with empathy and cognition.

Industry Focus Areas

Frontline AI healthcare worker

Acting as the first point of contact for people with healthcare needs.

Clinical decision support

Supporting the decision making process for healthcare professionals and support staff.

Clinical trials platform for real-time large scale data analytics

Conducting real time data collection and analytics to inform policy and healthcare decisions.

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