Frontier Model AI

Industry Perspective

DARPA, a US government agency at the forefront of emerging technologies describes the development of AI in three waves.

Wave 1 of AI saw the design and building of AI that could reason, but not learn. These were early systems designed to use symbolic thinking to solve problems. They require a lot of training, are brittle outside of their domain of knowledge, but are still in mainstream use today as expert systems or traffic managers over statistical learning AI.

We then moved to Wave 2 of AI, where we saw the design of AI that could learn, but not reason. This is where we are today with the proliferation of large language models, and other forms of statistical learning. These systems require large amounts of compute and data for ‘brute force learning’ and lack true comprehension or adaptive reasoning.

AI has not had a significant paradigm shift since moving to Wave 2 in the 1980’s.

AI is in need of a new approach to evolve into Wave 3 - computers that can both reason and learn. Adaptive reasoning AI should be able to build models on the fly, explain real-world phenomena, adapt dynamically and solve problems.

How Akin Can Help

Akin has developed a novel approach to AI moving closer to this third wave of evolution.

At its core, Akin has developed an AI based on the notion of symbiosis - an AI system that can adapt dynamically to whomever is using the technology and the environment around them.

Akin’s AI is able to work in complex systems with multiple feedback loops, solve complex problems, and have greater empathy and awareness of the goals of its user.



A suite of data analytics and decision support for clinicians, researchers and health insurance.

Hey Pixi

An AI assistant that helps people with disabilities organize their lives, achieve their goals, and spend more time doing the things they love.

Industry Focus Areas

Quantum Computing

The next phase of computing, powered by AI.

Efficiency of Compute

Designing AI systems that are computationally efficient.

Advanced Reasoning Capabilities

Developing AI that has the ability to understand and reason through queries.

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