Building frontier AI models for life

Defining a better way to build AI, from the ground-up

AI Co-Pilot for Life

Building for a world where everyone has access to a personal AI

Enterprise-Grade AI

Building at the Intersection of Neuroscience, Chaos Theory and AI

Applied to the world’s 
toughest challenges, today.

Akin has designed and built a flexible ecosystem of AI-powered solutions in-use by public and private organisations, today.

For Daily Living

Building AI that takes care of things to give you more time and freedom

For Healthcare

Managing wellbeing for healthier and happier lives with AI

For Government

AI designed to support policy decisions and outcomes

For Space

Supporting humanity’s exploration of space with AI

Frontier AI

Advancing AI and solving limitations of existing large language models.

We are Akin

We design and build frontier AI models for a future where AI and humanity symbiotically co-exist

Our Company