Generative AI
that cares

Akin is an empathic Generative AI that helps you runs your home.
“Imagine a world in which we are kinder to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet.. ..with an AI that cares about our goals and our dreams, and can help us achieve them.”

We started out in the most difficult habitat of all: Space

" the coming years we hope to use the aKin AI on long-duration space flights to not only help astronauts detect and manage problems in their environment, but also be a companion to them during what can be a lonely period.”
Tom Soderstrom CIO, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab

Now our applications are expanding to every home


Akin launches Limbic Scaffolding for advanced generative AI + multiple embodiments

Akin has successfully completed a Federal - Funded project called Limbic Scaffolding - a platform to more rapidly assemble ‘brain and body’ combinations for advanced generative AI with emotional awareness, for robotic systems and ambient AI.

aKin wins significant space agency grant for ‘AI crew for Space

The Australian Space Agency has awarded a•kin a grant to build helper and inspector robots, and an AI habitat manager.

Robotics adoption matters: combining artificial and natural intelligence

In the last day of the Robotics adoption matters series, Alexander Hadjiivanov discusses the case for AI in human-robot collaboration.

An emotionally intelligent AI could support astronauts on a trip to Mars

With thanks to the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, aKin will develop a platform to combine robot brain, sensors and hardware.

aKin wins Outstanding Paper Award at CEC 2019

Chief Research Officer, Alexander Hadjiivanov's paper on evolutionary computation bested hundreds to win the Outstanding Student Paper Award at the 2019 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation.

Continuous adaptive learning for neural networks

A simple biologically plausible input conversion method based on the operation of the mammalian retina.

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