About Us

Today’s AI are nowhere near autonomous enough to meet the challenges of complex environments. They do precisely what we tell them to do, with very little ability to optimize for a general improvement in state.

We are building AI able to autonomously solve complex problems, and form deep and trusted relationships with humans. This is a new approach to General Artificial Intelligence.

Research Areas

  • Autonomous problem solving and decisions

  • Human-AI relationships

  • Optimization for improvement in state

  • Ethical AI

  • Epigenetic Feedback Learning


  • Autonomous Decision Cores

  • Companionship and Social AI

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Creation, Learning, and Life Experience

Field Trials

The Team 

Our team are veterans of AI. The CEO was previously the founder of a significant AI company that was acquired by IBM for Watson, and the CTO has been the foundational architect of two unicorn companies.

Our research partners and board include a Professor of Neurosciences at Stanford University, the CTO of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs, leading universities, and an industry consortium of large partners.

Send us a note to learn more about A·kin's approach or to join our waitlist for your own ethical Personal AI. 

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