Case Study

Scalable Population Wellbeing Optimization


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is a Federal Agency in Australia which provides support to people with disability, their families and carers.

The University of Sydney Brain Mind Center is transforming brain and mind health with world-leading research. 

Work at the Centre extends beyond laboratories and clinics to strong partnerships with industry (Akin), government (NDIA), the community, and other healthcare providers and researchers.

The Challenge

The NDIA administers a first-in-class federal program which provides choice and control for Australians with disability, by way of individualized insurance budgeted at an estimated AU$40B and growing.

The NDIA plays a significant role in constructing policy for this federal program. The AU$40B spend requires significant research effort to correlate well-being data with economic spend.

Existing data collection methods are a labor-intensive activity conducted by skilled professionals that are in low supply in Australia. The data helps determine progression through treatment and contributes to shaping policy decisions.

The NDIA and the Brain Mind Centre were seeking technology-driven ways to optimize data collection and analysis from scheme participants,and correlate to policy and outcomes domains

How Akin Helped

Akin has commenced a clinical study with the University of Sydney Brain and Mind Center to assess the efficacy of Akin’s AI-powered Pixi device in helping provide data to drive policy decisions.

Akin Pixi is an ambient AI application and digital avatar which can use ESM (experience sampling methodology) in multiple modalities (images, natural language, touch input, biometrics)

As part of the clinical study, Akin’s Pixi has introduced this AI experience to several key cohorts:

  • Adults with intellectual disability
  • Families who have children with developmental disorders
  • Clinicians and insurance

Akin’s AI capabilities are being used to map this data against the services delivered by providers, and analyzing data to better understand outcomes objectives and the impact of  policy decisions

While the study is ongoing, an outcome from this clinical trial is a paradigm shift in the data collection methods that drives significant policy decisions - powered by Akin’s frontier AI technology.

"When you find people who have the same vision, the same mission to drive systemic change like Akin, that’s when you start to believe that you can really make a difference in people’s lives”

Professor Jane Burns
Former BOD National
Disability Insurance Agency
(Australian Federal Government Agency)