AI helpers for the home

a·kin HOME builds AI avatars and robots to help you run your home.

a·kin LABS build AI with advanced reasoning and emotional IQ for NASA.

Focus areas

Core AI
Autonomous reasoning, world models, emotional IQ, epigenesis

Akin Space
Complex tasks, long-duration assistants, habitat management

Akin Home
Disability care, wellbeing,
home management

Thesis on the future

AI will solve more and more complex problems

We will hand over decisions to trusted AI

We will form relationships with Personal AI


Core AI / AGI

We place heavy focus on unsupervised and semi-supervised learning technologies that will empower the next generation of scalable autonomous AI, such as goal-oriented reinforcement learning, unsupervised ontology acquisition and advanced dynamic associative memory. We are working towards a fusion of these technologies to enable AI to efficiently and independently handle reasoning, complex problem solving and decision making.


Human-AI relationship

The opaqueness of the human mind poses a great challenge to human-machine interaction. We are exploring a synergy of neuroscience, cognitive theories, behavioural science and multimodal learning to develop AI that understands humans. This spans language, emotion, culture, values and goal alignment in order to achieve deep trusted relationships between humans and AI.


State optimisation

Our approach is to model AI, humans and their environment as a hierarchical network of resources, events and relationships that AI can use to optimise state space. By measuring and optimising according to shared goals, AI will be able to improve its own effectiveness in order to enhance the well-being of humans and manage their environment.

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