Core AI / AGI

We build AI to be ethical from the ground up

At aKin, we build responsible AI that thinks and reasons more like a human, acting with deep emotional intelligence. This matters now more than ever as we enter an era where AI is taking on a larger role in everyday life, and making more decisions on our behalf.


Collaborative robots for adaptive problem solving

For the first time, generative AI allows complex task support for human-robot collaboration. In a world-first project, we developed both AI software and hardware for TRL8 task support in space environments. Previously robots were constrained to industrial environments, or simple social robots in human domestic environments. Our robots today are aware of the human state, and are able to manage complex iterative tasks.

Manage Habitat and Environment as a Complex System

Manage Habitat and Environment as a Complex System

Current AIs are unable to manage complex systems. They can only perform linear tasks like scheduling and resource optimization. Complex systems have dynamic feedback loops, shifting variables, and nebulous goals. They have multiple humans in varying states of emotional and functional capacity,  each with tasks to do, and resources to manage. aKin's epigenetic AI has been embodied in PAL, a habitat and environmental manager for NASA’s JPL, and aKin, a household manager which is in scale-up with the Australian Federal Government funding support for disability, aged care and primary caregiver applications.

Generative AI chat

Generative Interaction

aKin has created an empathic Generative AI for chat. Chat-bots today have either a social function (entertainment, Q&A or search bots) or task performance function (“turn on the lights”). In both cases these are single-turn, and human-driven with prompt-driven output, rather than a true reciprocal relationship. Using chaos theory, aKin has successfully modelled human life as a deep river of state, with the human persona (emotional state, values, drivers) as the underlying current, and a ‘mental model’ or event trajectory as the undercurrent driving decision making. Inputs and output are not the ‘problem to be solved,” they are mere clues to this state river. This means aKin can function in a low-prompt environment.

Generative AI chat

We deploy our AI into the most difficult environment of all – SPACE

We have a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, where our AI and their embodiments are being used as ‘crew’ to support the advanced manufacture of spacecraft. We have also won a large grant from the Australian Space Agency, and are using that to train our AI to take on different roles.

aKin's intelligent assistants combine a deeper level of understanding with reasoning capabilities to support complex tasks, and to help people make more objective, informed, and responsible decisions.


Inspector understands what is happening in the environment, identifies anomalies, creates alerts, and performs AI Analytics. Inspector’s embodiment is a swarm of smaller robots with sensors.


Manager is an ambient AI brain, with an overarching view of the whole environment. It understands people, processes, events and the habitat as a whole system. Manager is embodied in a ‘brain’ represented by an abstract avatar.

aKin home

Assistive technology for people with disability, to support daily living with greater autonomy, choice and agency

We have signed agreements with a number of large disability organisations to deliver tens of thousands of home AI in the form of avatars and robots with deep emotional intelligence. They do things like organise schedules, support complex tasks, help with healthy living and meal planning, support social connection, and help people achieve their goals. 

Assistive robot to perform tasks related to the activities of daily living, particularly for those with mobility issues and cognitive disabilities.


Our robots will give people independence and empower them to complete complex tasks in and around the home.


Our assistive robots will enable an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Home manager AI

Large scale clinical trials with Federal Government for population wellbeing

Our AI with empathy has been adapted to manage the home and support activities of daly living

aKin in the Home