Product Information

Akin Home’s exclusive NDIS approved Samsung tablet comes pre-loaded with features that helps you organise your life and home.

Create personalised meal plans based on your diet, eating habits, preferences, and any food intolerances or allergies. With our meal planner you select the meals that you want to eat throughout the week from a large database of easy to make and healthy recipes.

Cooking was never this easy.
Calendar and Reminders
Keep your daily activities organised with our adaptive calendar. Schedule events for support visits, appointments or social gatherings and create reminders to prepare things prior to the event.

Keep checklists so you never forget anything again!
Stay connected with those you love. The tablet provides easy access to favourite contacts including friends, family and your support network.

You can make phone calls, video calls or send SMS text messages.
Our goal tracker lets you set and keep track of your own goals and from those within your household.

Use them to build good habits or make sure you don’t forget simple things such as drinking water.
Apps Centre
The tablet comes with controlled access to essential apps through our app centre, including:
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Grocery Ordering
  • Online Banking
  • Navigation
  • Email

What you get in the box?

With akin home, you get:

Plans and Pricing

All plans are funded under NDIS, meaning $0 out-of-pocket for NDIS participants.
Basic Plan
Standard Plan
Premium Plan


Samsung Tab A7

Samsung Tab A8

Samsung Tab A8


6 months

2 years

3 years

Selection of Apps




Device Fee




Monthly Subscription
(3 months upfront)

$250 / month

$250 / month

$250 / month

Setup and Delivery Fee




Establishment and
Customisation Fee

$700 / 6 months

$1400 / year

$1400 / year

Total Upfront Fee




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