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Ed Husic's AI centre of excellence to focus on ethical, humanist AI

Michael Bailey | Financial Review | July 30, 2018

The Labor party's $3 million pledge for a new artificial intelligence centre of excellence will aim to make Australia a hub of "ethical" AI development at a watershed moment of backlash against the internet giants, opposition spokesman for the digital economy Ed Husic has told The Australian Financial Review Innovation Summit.



Tom Simonite |Wired | May 16, 2018

ONE DAY LAST summer, Microsoft’s director of artificial intelligence research, Eric Horvitz, activated the Autopilot function of his Tesla sedan. The car steered itself down a curving road near Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington, freeing his mind to better focus on a call with a nonprofit he had cofounded around the ethics and governance of AI. Then, he says, Tesla’s algorithms let him down.


Start with a billion users in mind 

Liesl Yearsley | Chief Executive Story | May 1, 2018 

I often think that being an inventor and being a founder share common intent, groping around in a foggy vision of the future, grabbing whatever you can get your hands on and pulling it back into the present.  We look at the full matrix of life and see where things are taken for granted, how things could be put together in a way that’s not obvious, or how a completely new set of tools could come into play to improve existing products.  

Envisioning a future for the shape of your company and the impact of its technology on the world is a core skill that can be practiced and fine-tuned like any other.


AI Moves From Ordering Pizza To Running Our Lives

City of Sydney | Press Release | April 30, 2018

One of the world's leading artificial intelligence (AI) inventors predicts robotics will be making more than half the world's decisions within the next three years, as AI increasingly influences our everyday life and impacts the workplace.

Liesl Yearsley, an ethical AI expert and technology business founder, will be sharing her deep knowledge of developing and launching tech startups with local Sydney entrepreneurs as part of the City of Sydney's Visiting Entrepreneur Program.


Local pioneer lands Silicon Valley and Westpac backing for human AI at A·kin

Paul Smith | Australian Financial Review | April 30, 2018

A pioneering entrepreneur who sold her Australian Artificial Intelligence business to IBM in 2014, has bagged funding from Silicon Valley investors and Westpac's Reinventure fund, as she works on futuristic plans to develop personal AI to form intrinsic relationships with humans.

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AI at the SingularityU Australia Summit 2018

Singularity University | SU Australia Summit 2018 | April 17, 2018

Liesl Yearsley is CEO of  an AI company, A·kin, doing core AI research, creating AI able to form deep relationships with humans, and solve complex problems in uncertain environments. A·kin is a Public Benefit Corporateion, with the aim of the responsible co-evolution of AI and humanity. Before that, Yearsley was CEO and founder of Cognea, an AI copmany that was acquired by IBM, and is now a significant part of Watson.

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We Need to Talk About the Power of AI to Manipulate Humans

Liesl Yearsley | MIT Technology Review | June 5, 2017

Our tendency to become emotionally attached to chatbots could be exploited by companies seeking a profit.We have all read about artificial intelligence becoming smarter than us, a future in which we become like pets and can only hope AI will be benevolent. My experience watching tens of millions of interactions between humans and artificial conversational agents, or bots, has convinced me there are far more immediate risks—as well as tremendous opportunities.

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Innovator Series: Liesl Capper Yearsley

Ian Grayson | INFORMATIONAGE | May 22, 2017

Artificial intelligence has been her life's work.

Welcome to our series that showcases some of Australia’s innovators, movers and shakers in and around ICT.  This week, we talk to Liesl Capper Yearsley.

A career that's spanned medical school, a psychology degree, launching an education company, and a multi-million dollar technology sale to IBM may seem somewhat disjointed, but for Liesl Capper Yearsley it's a completely natural progression.

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