At last, a caring technology to help you manage your day

  • Integrated Assistive technology
  • 60 GB of data and unlimited voice calls and text
  • Tablet Galaxy S7
  • A large selection of apps

100% NDIS funded | no credit card needed

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aKin assistive technology can help people living with a disability to manage their homes and lives

How can aKin's assistive technology help you?

We understand that you can use support systems to help you to become more independent.

aKin's assisitive technology helps you with meal planning, grocery ordering, physical + mental health goal planning and keeps you connected with support networks and loved ones. aKin Home comes pre-loaded in a brand new Samsung tablet with lot's off features and is fully funded by NDIS.

It is easy to order. The only thing you have to do is add your details and we take care of the rest.

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Your own intelligent digital assistant

Pixi is a voice assistant like no other. It helps you navigate the aKin app and interact with the app on your behalf – setting up alarms and alerts, giving you recipe suggestions and showing you the meals you’ve added to your meal plan. It can also tell you the time and the weather and do maths for you.


Manage your work day with easy scheduling

  • Easy events and reminders will help your clients better manage their support.
  • Schedule and confirm support visits, create notes, and stay connected to the people you support – all automated via the participant's app.

Meal planner

Be healthier and spend less time cooking meals, with our personalised meal planner

The meal planner includes tons of healthy and easy to make recipes.

You can customise your meal plan based on your diet, eating habits, preferences or dietary requirements.

With aKin's assistive tablet NDIS participants can reach their goals

Manage your own goals

With aKin's assistive tablet NDIS participants can reach their goals
  • See trendlines of how you are going that day, and get insight into how to prioritise your day.
  • Easier management of goals, to make sure you are getting great outcomes.

Stay on top of things that need to get done

Checklists, shopping lists, to-do lists - with aKin home, you can manage everything all in one place.

It will remind you when a task is going to take place and what you need to do to complete it.


Always connected

  • aKin Home helps you to stay connected to the people you love and care for.
  • It prompts you to check in on loved ones and alerts you to fluctuations in your mental or physical health.
App Drawer

Tons of apps

aKin helps you organise your daily tasks and schedule your day, giving you back time to thrive, build and grow.

  • A lot more apps to choose from.
  • A personal “my app store” which you can manage yourself, and hide all the apps you don’t want.
  • Add new apps - if the app you want is not there you will be able to request it more easily.
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Plans and Pricing

All plans are funded under NDIS, meaning $0 out-of-pocket for NDIS participants.
Feature Name
Basic Plan
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Premium Plan
Get started
Standard Plan
Get started
Samsung Tab A8
Samsung Tab A8
Samsung Tab A8
6 months
36 months
24 months
Selection of Apps
Low Cost Assistive Technology
Setup, Packaging and Delivery
Establishment and Customisation Fee
$349 / 3 months
$349 / 3 months
$349 / 3 months
Monthly Subscription, 100% paid by NDIS
$249 / month
$249 / month
$249 / month
Total Upfront, 100% paid by NDIS

Watch how aKin's Assistive Technology can help NDIS participants

We are an approved NDIS Service Provider

Subscribing to aKin home won’t cost you anything at all, and we wont ask you for money, because our assistive technology costs are paid for by the NDIS.

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