The a•kin care pack for NDIS participants includes:
  • Assistive Technology housed in a new Samsung tablet
  • NDIS funded, no credit card needed
  • The a•kin home assistive technology to manage your day with independence and choice. Plan meals, schedule events, calls, and set your own goals.
  • Internet included for up to 3 years
    Add apps of your choice: YouTube, Spotify and others
Home Manager Assistive Technology
with tablet and connection
Manage your work day with easy scheduling
A•kin calendar will help you manage your day, schedule events, and manage notes and checklists
Always connected
We give NDIS participants a tablet computer with a home manager assistive technology, always connected so you can make calls and use the internet to connect with others, and search for information to manage daily life

Apps included at no cost are Youtube, Spotify, Google and others
Always be ready to cook something tasty
A•kin home includes a customised meal planner with shopping lists and step-by-step recipes
Manage your own goals
Personalised goal engine for you to set and stay on top of your own goals with independence and choice
Stay on top of things that need to get done
Checklists, shopping lists, to-do lists - with a•kin home, you can manage everything all in one place

Meet our assistants


Hachikō is a loyal and practical fellow who takes his role in the family seriously. He takes his time thinking things through because he prides himself on being solid and reliable.


Pixi is a caring house spirit who’s calm, capable, and reliably helpful. Taking pride in their role as family caretaker, Pixi's unshakeable stability is a cornerstone of their personality.


Wiz is upbeat, spontaneous, and fun. She’s always keen to meet new people and explore new things. Whenever you speak to her, you get the sense she’s just back from doing something super interesting.

Choose your plan
100% NDIS funded (We will NOT be asking for your credit card).
6 months
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
  • 6 months very limited internet connection: Free*
  • Limited apps*: Akin, Phone and Browser: Free
  • NDIS Funded
    $500 device + $250 monthly*
  • Out-of-pocket cost: $0 for NDIS participants
36 months
Most Popular
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • 3 years internet connection: Free*
  • Huge selection of apps*: Akin, Phone, YouTube, Spotify, Banking, Browser, Games and more: Free
  • NDIS Funded
    $700 device + $250 monthly*
  • Out-of-pocket cost: $0 for NDIS participants
24 months
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • 2 years internet connection: Free*
  • Standard app selection: Akin, Phone, YouTube, Spotify, Banking and Browser: Free
  • NDIS Funded
    $700 device + $250 monthly*
  • Out-of pocket cost: $0 for NDIS participants
Sign up

* Total upfront cost including customization, delivery, setup fee and first three months service billed to NDIS directly. Basic Plan $2350 , Standard Plan $3150. Premium Plan $3050.  
* Upfront costs comprise device fee ($500 for basic, $700 for standard and premium), setup and delivery fee ($400 for basic, $300 for standard, $200 for premium), establishment and customisation fee ($700 for basic per 6 months, $1400 for standard and premium per annum) and 3 months of $250 monthly subscription upfront.
* This assistive technology needs internet connection to work so this is built-in and won’t cost you anything.
* The purpose of the device is an assistive technology to support independence but you can choose to add apps at no cost to you.

We are an approved NDIS service provider

Subscribing to a•kin home won’t cost you anything at all, and we wont ask you for money, because our assistive technology costs are paid for by the NDIS.

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