A·kin is developing a new approach to General Artificial Intelligence.

We are applying this to building a trusted Personal AI that autonomously solve complex decisions, and form deep relationships with humans.


How we see the future:

  1. AI will get more personal. We will form relationships with them, and hand over decisions

  2. AI will become more intelligent, and co-evolve with humanity

  3. We need AI we can trust, who improve wellbeing

Research Areas

Autonomous problem solving and decisions

A multi-disciplinary approach using human  learning theory and neurosciences to model a new architecture to replace deep learning. Field trials including predicting and augmenting human decisions, and autonomous problem solving in robotic and natural language systems.

Human-AI relationships

Our approach is called 3-dimensional Natural Human Understanding, and does not depend on well defined  human inputs. Fields trials are in interactive companion AI, across multiple embodiments, and running a human home.

Optimization for improvement in state

The industry lacks metrics for continuous improvement of self against self, and is confined to benchmarking by winning games, classifying images, and other superficial ‘sensory’ tasks. We are developing approaches to measure qualitative efficacy, to open a path for autonomous self-improvement.

Ethical AI

We measure and optimize against improvement in the state of human life or broader system, and develop frameworks for ethical evolution. Field trials on the impact of personal AI on health, social connection, financial wellbeing, actualization and others.

Epigenetic Feedback Learning

Humans are not black-box decisions systems. The brain and body work in tandem, and learn by being part of the world. Field trials include embodied systems in homes, and avatars in social/replicated real-life environments.

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