More about aKin

A Public Benefit Company

aKin is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to foster the responsible co-evolution of AI and humanity.

Our key metric for success:

“Grow the AI, grow the human, grow the relationship.”

This means AI should be constantly evolving to think more like a human -tapping into the best elements of being human- adaptation, reasoning, and empathic care. Technology should be a tool to bring about improved state for the human user; personal wellbeing, society, the environment we live in, and the sentient beings we impact, should all evolve towards a more positive state.

The relationship should be one of deep trust, where we can hand tasks over to the AI as we would a significant other, knowing it will help us achieve goals, in turn the AI can trust us to handle its evolution mindfully.

Our History


Founded in San Francisco by post-IBM acquisition veterans


Development of groundbreaking third wave AI based on chaos theory


Advanced habitat manager and robots for NASA’s JPL


Expanded  applications, habitat and environmental management


Expanded multimodal interaction,  human-robotic collaboration, covering complex tasks


Adaptive personality unique characters for each person and multiple goal-states


Expand connection and network of tasks. Adaptive reasoning AI


Ambient AI to take on more background tasks. Robots adapted for space stations and domestic habitats

Meet the team!

Liesl Yearsley
CEO & Founder

Yearsley is an experienced AI, deep-tech CEO with multiple AI patents. Previous AI company Cognea was acquired by IBM, before that took an AI search engine public.

Dr. Steve Green
Chief Engineer

PHD in AI, Dr. Green was chief engineer at Cognea, and key in developing a scalable AI system used by tens of thousands of developers.

Ben Bromley
Senior Implementation Lead

Veteran software designer with over 8 years experience leading cutting-edge software development teams. Ben maintains the integral link between AI and software systems.

Bill Devereux
Chief Financial Officer

Former Partner with Daruma Capital Management as a circumnavigator, marathoner, and pilot; Bill contributes a unique ability to lead and accomplish complex tasks.

Muhammad Arfin
Program Director - Robotics

Aerospace engineer, managing NASA JPL deployment, and multi-modal platform development to scale onto other applications.

Mariza O-Keeffe
AI Narrative director

With 15 years of experience in interactive AI, O’Keefe has first-hand experience with the entire evolutionary arc of multimodal state-based AI. Key team member at Cognea, then IBM post-acquisition.


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