From one mum to
another ...
“As a caregiver and working mum I have been looking for this technology my whole life, which is why I founded a•kin”

Liesl Yearsley (CEO)
As a caregiver, I want these things
Technology cannot do all of these things for you, but it can help you keep track of it all,
and support the ones you care for to build their own capacity and skills
I want to know everyone I care for is healthy
  • Did they eat a healthy meal?
  • Get out the door?
  • Brush their teeth?
  • Can I reach them to see how they are?
I want to know that everyone I care for is managing activities of daily living
  • Did they get things done?
  • Get the resources they need?
  • Do I need to help them?
  • Are they managing on their own and building independence?
I want to know that people I care for are as happy as they can be
  • Did they connect with other people who treat them with kindness?
  • Did they seek their own goals and make progress?
  • Did they wake up with a smile on their face today?
Help with daily living, so you have
more time left in life for things you love
Wake up with gentle reminders
Help each member of your household set alerts and reminders.

A•kin adaptive calendar has a different avatar for everyone, to help people manage their own daily living in a way that best suits them
Getting out the door with an empathic digital friend
A•kin helps you organise your daily tasks and schedule your day, giving you back time to thrive, build and grow.
Stay on top of therapy and support
A•kin's checklists and goal engine help you keep track of events and how things are going
Spread the load
Lists and meal planners help other members of the family with their chores.

Delicious and healthy meals every day are now a breeze
Stay connected
Encourage loved ones to connect with you regularly, and have insight into how they are doing
More time for things that matter
A•kin helps you organize your life, achieve your goals, and free up time for things you love

We are an approved NDIS service provider

Subscribing to a•kin home won’t cost you anything at all because our device costs are paid for by the NDIS. We wont ask you for money, NDIS pays us directly.

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