The next generation of AI will be on any device and work across the matrix of life


Personal AI in the form of home hubs, phone assistants and virtual agents are taking more and more of a role in our lives. But these are only able to handle either one-turn commands or very simple conversations. Deeply social AI will understand the sub-structure and deeper meaning of human interaction, and become emotionally intelligent companions.


Today’s AI are able to solve problems if they are given defined goals and lots of data, but are not able to handle abstract reasoning and the chaos of everyday human lives. It takes over 25 hours a week to run a human home. We will help people organize their lives, achieve their goals and free up time for things they love.


Today's AI optimize for simple tasks (“turn on music”, “get me pizza”) but they need to work across the matrix of life and understand our deeper goals. By measuring and predicting human state, AI will be able to provide personalized feedback and interventions to improve human well-being.