Field Trials

We have a strong focus on practical ethics and improving wellbeing. We have a team of research sciences tackling the problem of generalizable AI, and industry partners who are taking this live into the field with us. 

        In the field, our key focus areas are: 

  • Running a Human Life
  • Social AI
  • Autonomous Machines


Autonomous Decision Cores

AI able to reason in an uncertain environment, without the current constraints of hand-coding rules, or carefully assembled labelled data.


Health and wellbeing

Measurable outcomes in wellbeing and quality of life scales. Testing ethical protocols live in the field.



Companionship and Social AI

Companion AI, to act as a significant other to a human or family.  Human life is complex. Research from the the US Department of Labor shows that is takes over 25 hours a week to manage a home. This is a complex task, because it needs to take into account all the underlying values and goals of a family or person; and then manage time, effort, people and resources towards a future goal state.


Creation, learning and life experience

AI able to augment human learning and creativity.


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