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Our Full Stack AI Solution for Health

Solutions for Patient Applications, Clinical Trials and Data Analysis

Customers can select any products or benefit from the fully-integrated solution.
Customers can select any products or benefit from the fully-integrated solution.
Patient Applications
PAL Ambient AI for wellbeing + social support
daily living management
PIXI AI Goal Optimizer
Assistive Robots
MAESTRO Health Analytics
Real-Time Health Data analytics. Understand the environment and state of people.Guide day-to-day decisions to reach long-term objective.
Gear AI
Explainable AI for high-compliance scenarios like health management and front-line patient interactions.
MAESTRO for health

Large-scale clinical decision support, data capture, outcomes optimization and clinical trials platform

Our AI is at TRL8 and in field use today. It is also in Phase 2 of Clinical Trials (progressing to phase 3) as an AI assistive device and clinical trials platformOur domestic robots are at TRL6 and moving to clinical trials in 2024

Assistive technology for people with disability, to support daily living with greater autonomy, choice and agency

We deliver assistive technology directly to people to choose our products via our Pixi range of products.

We also have agreements with a number of large disability organisations to deliver tens of thousands of home AI in the form of avatars and robots with deep emotional intelligence. These support daily living, scheduling, complex tasks, capacity building, task management, healthy living and meal planning, social connection, and achieving personal goals
Daily Living

Assistive AI and robots to support activities of daily living, particularly for people with mobility & cognitive disability and and neurodiversity


Our AI has a goal engine, which learns from its  human and support their own goals. We aim for greater  independence and agency, with a focus on wellbeing and happiness


Our technology maps against gold standard clinical outcomes domains, to optimise for healthy living and clinical decision support

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