About us

A•kin is a Public Benefit Company

A•kin helps you organize your life, achieve your goals, and free up time for things you love.

The definition of our name reflects our values: a kin is to think and be more like a human, and to be a trusted member of the family.


Our mission is to develop human-like technology that benefits everyone.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we seek to have a positive impact on society, families, the environment, and communities where we operate.

Management team

Liesl Yearsley, CEO

Liesl has founded, led multiple companies, and is a world-leading AI expert. Before a•kin, Liesl was CEO and founder of Cognea, an AI platform that became a global leader and was acquired by IBM. Before that, she founded a search engine and took it public. And prior to that she grew a large education franchise across Africa. Yearsley has four patents in AI and more on the way

Dr Steve Green, Chief Scientist

Dr Green has a PhD in AI, and was the lead engineer at Cognea. He then then worked at IBM post the Cognea acquisition, and has joined a•kin to further develop a•kin's technology

Ben Bromley, Senior Engineering Lead

Ben is a full-stack developer with first-class honours academic background, deep field experience, and an abiding focus on technology for social impact

Bill Devereux, Director, Investor relations

After 20 years on Wall Street in senior roles, Bill joined a·kin to head up investor relations, and engage and support stakeholders as we grow. Devereaux is an accomplished investor with a track record spanning multiple sectors, and an in-depth understanding of M&A, advanced analytics, corporate finance, ESG policies, portfolio management, security selection (equities and their derivatives), and stakeholder engagement.

Natasja deKock, Healthtech Research Lead

Natasja has 17 years of field experience as an occupational therapist, researcher, and clinical experience across a broad range of disabilities spanning early childhood, elder care, and all life stages in between.

Christopher Arnold, Global Partnerships

With 20 years experience in opening up new markets and creating significant partner deals, Arnold’s career spans the globe with deep experience in opening both US and APAC markets, and senior roles at Yahoo! Mozilla and others

Advisory Board

Professor Jane Burns

Professor Burns is a board member of the Australian Federal Government’s disability agency NDIS. Burns is an international expert in mental health and wellbeing, suicide prevention, digital transformation and integrated models of care, and an author of more than 100 papers and policy reports

Tom Soderstrom

Formerly IT CTO for NASA’s Jet Propulsion for 17 years, Soderstrom is a world-renowned technology visionary, and is currently the Director of Chief Technologists, Worldwide Public sector for AWS

Travis Giggy

As an original co-founder of a·kin alongside Yearsley, Giggy is a technical product professional who builds significant value in the roles of Product Leader, CTO, Architect, and Co-Founder with 20+ years of experience in the technology space. He was key in developing a·kin’s original mission, and is an active advisor to help us stay true to the course!

Craig Healey

Craig has worked alongside the CEO Yearsley for over a decade, and handles ethics and governance. Craig has three degrees – Law, Accounting and Psychology, and significant field experience in social impact work


For investor queries, contact bill@akin.com